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Instrukcja montażu i gwarancja Craftsman 917 773741 to dokumenty, które zawierają instrukcje i szczegółowe informacje dotyczące prawidłowego montażu i użytkowania produktu Craftsman 917 773741. Instrukcja montażu zawiera wszystkie niezbędne informacje, takie jak lista części, diagramy i schematy, a także instrukcje krok po kroku dotyczące montażu i konfiguracji tego produktu. Gwarancja Craftsman 917 773741 zawiera również informacje na temat okresu gwarancyjnego, warunków i wyłączeń, a także instrukcje odnośnie roszczeń gwarancyjnych. Instrukcja montażu i gwarancja Craftsman 917 773741 zapewniają użytkownikom wszystkie niezbędne informacje, aby upewnić się, że produkt jest prawidłowo zamontowany i należycie chroniony.

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Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 1

318203641 (November 2009) Rev. A
All about the
Use & Care
of your Cooktop
Welcome & Congratulations................................... 2 Care & Cleaning (Cleaning Chart)......................... 11
Important Safety Instructions................................. 3 Care & Cleaning.................................................. 12
Surface Cooking.................................................... 5 Before You Call.................................................. 14
Before S

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 2
Welcome & congratulations Congratulations on your purchase of a new appliance! At Product registration electrolux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are completely committed to providing you register Your Product with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our The Product number one priority. registration card should be filled in completely, We know you’ll enjoy your new appliance and thank You signed and returned to for choosing our product. We hope you consid
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 3
imPortant saFetY instructions read all instructions before using this appliance. • S t o r a g e o n A p p l i a n c e. F l a m m a b l e m a t e r i a l s should not be stored near surface units. This save these instructions for future reference. includes paper, plastic and cloth items, such as deFinitions cookbooks, plasticware and towels, as well as flammable liquids. Do not store explosives, such as aerosol cans, on This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert or
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4
i i im m mP P Portant ortant ortant s s sa a aF F Fet et etY Y Y i i instructions nstructions nstructions imPortant sa Fet Y instructions For using For cooKtoP WitH coil elements onlY Your cooKtoP • D o N o t i m m e r s e o r S o a k R e m o v a b l e S u r f a c e • Know which knob controls each surface unit. Heating elements. Surface heating elements should never be immerse in water. Heating elements clean themselves during normal operation. • C l e a n t h e a p p l i
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5
surFace cooKing selecting surface cooking cookware cookware material types Cookware should have flat bottoms that make good The cookware material determines how evenly and contact with the entire surface heating element. Check quickly heat is transferred from the surface element to for flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the the pan bottom. The most popular materials available cookware (See Figure 1). are: aluminum - Excellent heat conductor. Some types of food will cause it to
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
surFace cooKing specialty Pans & trivets canning tips & information 1. Use tested recipes and follow instructions carefully. Woks with flat bottoms suitable for use on your cooktop Check with your local Cooperative Agricultural are available in most cookshop or hardware stores. Extension Service or a manufacturer of glass jars for Round-bottomed woks (with a support ring that does the latest canning information. not extend beyond the heating element) may also be 2. Use flat-bottomed canne
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 7
BeFore setting surFace controls ceramic glass cooktop (some models) The ceramic cooktop has radiant surface elements about the radiant surface elements located below the surface of the glass. The design of The element temperature rises gradually and evenly. the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface As the temperature rises, the element will glow red. To element underneath. make sure the diameter of the maintain the selected setting, the element will cycle ON pan matches the dia
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8
setting surFace controls surface cooking settings operating the single surface Use the chart to determine the correct setting for the elements (all models) type of food you are preparing. to operate the single surface elements note: The size and type of cookware used will influence 1. Place correctly sized cookware on the surface the setting needed for best cooking results. element. 2. Push in and turn the surface control knob in either recommended setting for surface element direction to t
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9
setting surFace controls indicator lights (some models) operating the dual surface radiant Some models have an indicator light for each heating element (Specific Ceramic Glass Cooktop unit, other models have an indicator light for each pair of models only) heating units, also some other models have an indicator The cooktop is equipped with one or two dual radiant light for all heating units. surface element. Symbols around the knob are used to The indicator light glows as soon as a heatin
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10
setting surFace controls temperature selection operating the Warm Zone Feature Refer to the chart for recommended heating levels. If a (some ceramic glass cooktop models only) particular food is not listed, start with the medium level, to operate the warm zone and adjust as needed. Most food can be kept at serving Your appliance is equipped with a warm zone. The temperatures by using the medium level purpose of the warm zone is to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature. Always start
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 11
care & cleaning cleaning various Parts of Your cooktop Before cleaning any part of the cooktop, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the cooktop is COOL. REMOVE SPILLOVERS AnD HEAvy sOIlInG As sOOn As POssIblE. REGUl AR ClEAnInGs nOW WIll REDUCE THE DIFFICUl Ty AnD ExTEnT OF A MAjOR ClEAnInG l ATER. surfaces How to clean Aluminum (Trim Pieces) Use hot, soapy water and a cloth or paper towel. Dry with a clean cloth. Glass, Painted and Plastic For general cleaning, use hot soapy water and a c
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
care & cleaning ceramic glass cooktop cleaning & cleaning recommendations for the maintenance ceramic glass cooktop consistent and proper cleaning is caution essential to maintaining your ceramic Before cleaning the cooktop, be sure the controls are glass cooktop. turned to oFF and the cooktop is COOL. Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended CERAMA Warning BRYTE® Cleaning Creme to the do not use a cooktop cleaner on a hot cooktop. ceramic surface. Clean and b
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 13
care & cleaning Plastic or foods with a high sugar content: to remove and replace surface elements These types of soils need be removed immediately if spilled and drip Bowls (some models) or melted onto the ceramic cooktop surface. Permanent damage (such as pitting of the cooktop surface) may occur caution if not removed immediately. After turning the surface elements OFF, use a razor blade scraper or a metal spatula Be careful not to bend with a mitt and scrape the soil from the hot surf
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 14
BeFore You call (solutions to common Problems) imPortant Before you call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. The list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance. occurrence PossiBle cause/solution entire cooktop does House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Check/reset breaker or replace fuse. If not operate. the problem is a circuit overload, have this situation corrected by a qualified e
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 15
BeFore You call (solutions to common Problems) occurrence PossiBle cause/solution Brown streaks and Boilovers have cooked onto surface. Use razor blade scraper to remove soil. See Ceramic- specks on ceramic glass cooktop section in this Owner’s Guide. glass cooktop Cleaning materials not recommended for ceramic-glass cooktop have been used. Use surface. recommended cleaners and cleaning method. See Ceramic-Glass Cooktop section in this Owner’s Guide. areas of Mineral deposits from water and f
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16
maJor aPPliance WarrantY Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions. exclusions this warranty does not cover the following: 1 Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, altere

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Rodzina produktów specyfikacja i informacje dla użytkownika podręcznik asus ve278q series

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